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Who We Are

KaBaTu Village where every aspect of our people we love and aim to provide a safe space where we can ascend to our highest good, for ourselves, each other, our family and our community.  Like the love I have for myself, I Love, Appreciate and Need our people, our community and want to provide a safe space to help facilitate Innerstanding, Health, Growth and a Ra-membrance of our Authentic Self.  Holistic medicine/Energy Work is the art and science of healing that addresses the Ka (Spirit), Ba (Soul/Emotion/Mind) and Tu (Physical Body). As an experienced Holistic Practitioner, I integrate a range of modalities to hold a safe space to help facilitate the body's ability to prevent and treat disease and promote optimal health. 

We at KaBaTu Village, practice the art of energy healing also known as Reiki/Kemetic Reiki, Tantra Healing Therapy, Conscious Cuddle Session, Herbalism, Sound Therapy, Guided Meditation, Spiritual Guidance and Indian Head Massage. I am Level III Master Teacher  Certified in Kemetic Reiki, Level III Master Teacher, Certified in Usui Reiki, Certified Tantra Healer, Certified Herbalist, and Certified in Indian Head Massage.